My Parenting Style

We are all so different and unique, it only makes sense that how we parent is too. Most of us tend to lean towards a certain style: attachment, strict, gentle, alternative, helicopter etc. We fall into these styles in hopes that we are doing this mom thing correctly. After all, these cute little babies will be adults someday and it is our job to mold them into great ones.  

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All the moms I know, from both blogs and personal life, seem to have it together. They’re completing 50 pins from Pinterest a week, have their kids doing multiple educational activities every day (TV, what’s that?), always have an article to reference no matter what issue comes up, and always have new learning techniques they try out once and have so much success with, not to mention their tots are well behaved rays of sunshine… all day, every day. And this is on top of everything else they have to do in life.

If you’re reading this and viewed me as one of those women slaying the motherhood game, I’m sorry but I’ve got to burst that bubble for you.

I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. 

I won’t pretend that I do, either. Nothing in life is as perfect as social media leads us to believe. I’m not going to stress myself out even more by trying to keep up with the Joneses.

I know what I want my future adults to be made up of- sugar, spice and everything nice. I want them to be educated individuals with a strong sense of independence who never settle for less. Figuring out exactly how we are going to get to that point every day? That’s another story. I’m still getting a feel for my kids’ personalities, learning through trial and error (a lot of error) and doing my best to make them happy all while trying to keep my sanity intact. Sometimes that means being the enthusiastic parent who takes the kids to the library for crafts and story time. Sometimes it means hiding in the bathroom while my toddler happily creates a tornado in our room.

So what’s my parenting style? Well, I’ll be honest…

I’m just kinda wingin’ it.

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