7 Things Every Mom Needs to Survive


  1. Alone time. And no, taking a shower by yourself doesn’t count. Tired of being pulled on, asked a million questions, cleaning suspicious substances off your clothes or wondering how long it’s been since you ate last? Kick the kids out of the house or kick yourself out- either way, “me” time is mandatory.
  2. Adult interaction. This is just as vital as alone time. Step 1: Go on a date night or hang out with friends. Step 2: Talk about anything but Daniel Tiger and Curious George.
  3. Caffeine. Lots of it.
  4. A little sass. Nothing is worse than looking back on a situation and thinking, “I should have said…” If you’re no good at being sarcastic, don’t worry- you’ll have plenty of practice. People make rude, unwanted comments to parents all of the time and there is nothing more satisfying than shutting them down with a quick comeback.
  5. A faithful pair of leggings/yoga pants. Not the cheap kind. After all, you’ll most likely be wearing them days in a row so they’ve got to hold up.
  6. A candy stash.
  7. More sleep. Always more sleep.
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