I Have a Toddler and I Won’t Apologize For It.

Do you know a toddler who has perfect manners 24/7? I’m talking a toddler who always uses their inside voice, a toddler who never throws a tantrum, a toddler who never interrupts adults while they are talking, etc? If you’re going to be the asshole who says they do, congratulations! You’ve managed to find a miracle child. But please know that is not reality for the rest of us.

The looks of annoyance you get when your toddler is having a meltdown. The suggestions given by both strangers and relatives to help make your toddler listen. The constant judging that makes parents feel they have to apologize for their behavior. If you have a toddler, you’ve been through this more times than you wish to admit.

But you know what? I say enough.

People seem to expect children to learn how to walk and automatically know how the world works. Can we say unrealistic? They aren’t built to know what situations we would prefer them to sit still and be quiet in. They have to be taught. It’s a process and a long one at that. So why should I apologize that my 2 year old doesn’t have the mannerisms and mentality of a 10 year old? Why should anyone make me feel ashamed that my child is still learning?

So, the next time you see an overwhelmed mom apologizing  in the cereal aisle because her toddler is upset they can’t buy 6 boxes of Cocoa Puffs… Let her know she doesn’t need to.


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