An Explanation to my College Professor.

I came to the library an hour or so before class to write my paper. Yes, I know it was due at the beginning of class. Yes, I know I had a week to write it.

I know how this looks but, you see professor, my children have been on separate nap schedules all week, and that is when I do homework. It is really unlike them.

What’s that? Why didn’t I do it when they went to bed? Well, I try to clean up the day’s mess after they are asleep. And I have to actually eat a meal purely for survival. During the day I find myself picking the leftover food from my toddler’s plate (and sometimes I’m lucky to even do that). And then, my daughter wakes up to be breastfed. I go upstairs, where it’s warm, and lay down with her while she eats. I try to stay awake, I really do. It’s just, I’m so comfortable and it seems like she eats forever and…..

Well, better I rushed to write the paper than not turn it in at all, right? It’s probably still a good paper.

Don’t judge me.


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