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It’s Monday, and as promised I am making a post from one of the emails sent to me. If you missed the original post, you can catch up here.

Emily asks: Wow, you have 2 young ones and are killing it. You are super woman! How do you balance everything?

This email actually has perfect timing. I’ve gotten the super woman/mom comment about 6 times this past week and although I am appreciative to be viewed as such, I don’t feel the same way.

It is extremely tough to be a stay at home mom. Your entire day is spent pushing your needs (even the basic ones like showering or eating) behind everyone else’s. Your needs just sit there at the bottom of the gigantic to-do list that always spills over into the next day. The few hours a night I go to class, I don’t have to be anyone’s mother or wife. It’s just me and it’s so refreshing, especially after having a difficult day. I really think that saves me from having a emotional, mental breakdown.

As for how I balance everything? HA. I have no idea what that word means and I don’t think I will until they are both in school. I start the week off with a solid plan but my little monsters throw a wrench in it, always.

“Savannah is teething, or wants to nurse constantly. There goes cleaning the bathroom today.”

“The kids kept waking each other up last night. I need to sleep during nap time. Homework can wait another day.”

“Julian is being extra clingy, I should cuddle and love on him. Whatever I planned today can be done tomorrow.”

Et cetera, et cetera. I am also one of those people who almost never asks for help because I don’t want to burden anyone. Plus I’m selective about who can take them and they are even more selective than I am. If one of those people aren’t available when I do break down and ask, I’m SOL and just have to deal with it. Thus, making it even harder to balance and get things done.

So thank you, Emily, but I am no super woman. I’m just trying to get by and be a good example for my kids at the same time.


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