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Saving Money 101: Tips and Tricks to Start Your Frugal Living Journey

I am all about making my life easier. About a month ago, after my Life and My Sanity post, I decided to buckle down and figure out all the ways I could actually do that. Not just one or two ways… I wanted ALL of them. Life was never intended to be as simple as a walk in the park but if I have the power to make it simpler, why wouldn’t I?

Among the things I wanted to start doing, the first was “save more money”. Now I’ve tried to do this before but there are so many resources out there on the internet, that I didn’t know where to start and said forget it. This time, I forced myself to sift through the information and incorporate it into my life. Thinking about going down the same path? You’ve got to start somewhere, and I want to help make your life easier by providing you with the things I found helpful all in one place.

DO IT YOURSELF! – There are a lot of things you pay money for that you can actually do at home yourself for a fraction of the cost! Many of them are simple things that take under 5 minutes and others require more time and focus. Once you open your eyes to the world of DIY and how much it saves you? You’ll never go back, I promise. From home decor to cleaning and beauty products, you can find some of my favorites pinned here.


Save money and regrow your food! (Image via Don’t Waste The Crumbs)


Ditch the cable – When the Cool Dad and I first moved in together, we decided cable was not something we needed. But, we did not miss out. Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, had most of the shows and movies we loved for under $10 a month each. I don’t think we will have cable ever again, you just can’t beat that!

Don’t discriminate against store brands – The phrase, “you get what you pay for” is not necessarily always true. There are some things that I prefer to buy brand name because I’ve tried the store brands and they don’t compare. But store brand products like hairspray, canned foods, medications, baby wipes etc function exactly the same as brand name products for a lower price. Added up, the amount of money you can save each trip is amazing.

Couponing – Oh, the world of couponing. It seems so easy, and  when you start reading the millions of how to’s, you realize it is easy… easy to get lost. I found the beginner’s guides that Thrifty Nomads and Katies Crochet Goodies wrote really helped me understand how it all worked and how much I could really save. They provide step by step instructions, and even link you to other great resources to get you started.


All of this for FIVE DOLLARS? Sign me up. (Image via Thrifty Nomads)


I don’t want to overwhelm you too much information, but I think I have given you a nice little introduction to the frugal lifestyle. Fair warning though; it is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. What are you waiting for? Let the saving begin!




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  • I’m pretty good at the first two but definitely need to start couponing! Thanks for the great tips and for linking up for some #mommatime!

    • It takes a little time to get used to but once you get into it, it’s easy! Thank you 🙂

  • mtogiai

    I am a Costco girl..and I love Kirkland brand products. They are very high in quality and a fraction of the cost compared to other brands. And what’s more, I buy in bulk and save even more! I can’t ditch my cable unfortunately lol but I do a lot of things that would otherwise cost me money myself. Couponing is still far reaching for me…I wish I could do it as good as other moms. On my bucket list 🙂 though.

    • Everyone had to start somewhere! P.S Costco is amazing 🙂

      • mtogiai

        Yes! Costco has everything! And I love that I save money by shopping for my big family.

  • alexrosh

    Ooh awesome tips! We also cut cable and simply stream from online! Also, have you heard of Dave Ramsey? He has some really awesome things on getting out of debt and living frugally!

    • I have! But I have heard it was difficult for some to follow. I was going to look him up after my classes end, are you doing anything he suggests?

      • alexrosh

        We are doing his envelop system for budgets and are avoiding credit cards and debt when ever possible. He has a great podcast that I listened to whenever I was in the car and it was very motivational and encouraging! Would recommend for you to check out!

        I am also currently in college and juggling work and home. No kids yet though so kuddos to you on that!

  • Hi there, it’s nice to meet you! I’m loving this post. I try all I can do to save money.

  • Great tips!

  • Thanks for sharing .. I too am on he journey to saving and being more frugal. While there are many many ways to start and it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed , my advice is to pick one and just start, You will learn along the way and pick up more and more helpful tips. My suggestion to anyone who is just starting this Journey is to just compare grocery prices. This alone has saved my family of 5 thousands of dollars every year, I try to meal plan every week but simply comparing the weekly store ads will decrease your spending by so much and it takes very little time. I believe this is the best way to start the saving journey . Love you article !!

    • Yes! Price matching is so essential! Thank you for your advice and for reading <3