6 Steps To Take Before Trying To Conceive + $50 Giveaway!



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There is so much you have to do while you are pregnant…but did you ever consider what you should do before pregnancy? That’s right, there’s a bit more to it than the fun of baby making. 😉

You need to prepare yourself for this tremendous lifestyle change before it happens. Here, I’ve given you 6 steps to take before trying to conceive.

Once you are ready to start trying, you’ll need to have a few pregnancy tests ready at home. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to triple check to make sure you’re not dreaming. Here are some good pregnancy tests to have on hand when you are through with these steps.


Do your research. Pregnancy differs from woman to woman, but it’s a good idea to be prepared for what you, your body and your future baby might go through before you conceive. The Bump has a lot of great information, including details about pregnancy week-by-week.



Change your diet. Eating certain foods and avoiding others is essential for a healthy pregnancy, but did you know doing this before conception could increase your chances of getting pregnant? Plus, it will be easier to keep the habit during pregnancy.



Learn how to budget. If you already know how to budget, great! You are ahead of the game. If you don’t, check out this cost of raising a child calculator and see what you come up with- you will see why learning to budget is necessary before deciding to have a baby!



Make sure you have insurance. You should already have health insurance for yourself but if you don’t, you need to figure out the best plan for all your prenatal visits and not to mention, your labor. If you think it is too expensive to have health insurance, you may want to think again. Delivering a baby alone could cost you anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 without insurance. Yikes!



Get some experience. Spend time with someone close to you or volunteer to babysit for one of your friends who already has kids. Ask them what motherhood is like. The more experience, the better. If you don’t have that opportunity, I wrote about the reality of it all in The Truth About Being A Mother.



Track your cycle. There is a small window of time each month that is best for baby making. If you want to conceive as efficiently as possible, you need to know when exactly that window will be. An app like Glow or My Cycles (Android / iPhone) will help you with that.



What did you do to prepare for the arrival of your first born? Comment on this post with your answer and you could win a $50 gift card to! Contest will end December 15th, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST. I will reply to the winner’s comment and email the winner through the email used to make the comment. Good luck!


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  • Stef @ Crafty Christian

    I was SO overprepared for my first born! I definitely wish I had done less research though, because Google has a way of freaking me out! I wish I was as prepared for my second born 😉

  • blogthatsheet

    Great tips! When I found out I was pregnant, I prepared myself by reading all these things on how to be a great mom and what to expect at birth. But in all, I learned nothing can prepare you for the moment you lay eyes on a human that’s been living inside you. Very emotional.

  • I had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with my firstborn so I looked into everything when we were TTC. I was a fountain of information, but there’s nothing you can do to completely prepare.

  • afrugaldesteny

    I had 5 miscarriages prior to the birth of my daughter and by that point I knew waaayyy too much, nothing during pregnancy really came as a surprise (other than actually carrying a child to term finally!). But even all that knowledge never fully prepared me for motherhood 😉

  • Niki @ Toot’s Mom is Tired

    I started taking prenatal vitamins daily before I got pregnant. My OB suggested it. She said it was a great way to get my folic acid up for when I did get pregnant. I think I took them for like 8 or 9 months before I got pregnant.

  • Omg I was way too over prepared for his physical presence but not enough for pregnancy itself! I really wish I could have been more prepared for all the complications! Holding & loving your baby is a breeze…pregnancy is the true test!

  • I was lucky in that it didn’t take any time to get pregnant. For the first kiddo I went way overboard with buying stuff like clothes and diaper cream. For my second, I didn’t buy anything at all.

  • Meredith from Mommy in Leggings

    I did SO much tracking! Peeing on ovulation sticks and everything! I almost wish I wouldn’t have done all of it, but it worked this time!

  • My Daily She

    These are such great tips! I lost ten pounds to get down to my “ideal” weight range, as suggested by my doctor, and I really worked on eating nutrient-packed foods and exercising before getting pregnant, so I could have a healthier pregnancy.

  • Great tips on getting prepared! Especially budgeting and getting insurance–so important to be ready financially. No need to enter me, as I have a young adult and 2 pre-teens. Of course when any of them get to laughing too hard…..

  • Great tips! Track. Your. Cycle. I cannot stress this one enough. It’s amazing how many women have almost zero idea how their cycles work. There are sooooo many misconceptions (pardon the pun) out there. Even if you are trying to avoid pregnancy you should be doing it.

    • Yes! It is crazy to me how the importance of keeping track isn’t taught in health/sex ed class (at least it wasn’t for me).

  • Great post! I didn’t realize it was so expensive for Americans to have a baby. I guess it’s just not something we think about in Canada.
    With my first pregnancy I had gestational diabetes that I controlled through diet. I had to shape up my eating habits FAST and it definitely would have been easier if I already had good ones . . . I recommend learning to eat right before you get pregnant. It’s just plain old good for you anyway.

  • Great tips! You really do need to do these before trying to conceive. We tried for years so most of these were so helpful.

  • Oh yes, the eating healthy part. Should I agree to do this thing again, I might consider starting the managed carb diet early in anticipation of another GD diagnosis, and maybe to help with the weight gain issue lol.

  • Sam

    I was young when I had my first baby. I found Mom friends quickly so I could learn from them. I have learned SO much over the years ( and 3 more babies) and am always amazed by how different things are after you have your first:)

  • I took a childbirth class and read lots of books.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • Such great advice. I think the insurance one is definitely key. My first pregnancy was a surprise, so finding a new doctor that accepted my insurance was stressful. For the next pregnancy, I was way more prepared.

  • What great tips! So many people struggle to conceive. Some small changes could make all the difference.

  • Have you heard of the tempature method…basal… that was way more effective for me personally.

  • Oh if this list were around before I had kids it would have been significantly less chaotic!

  • The insurance aspect is very important. Prenatal care and eventually birthing benefits are very crucial to both the child and the mom. With all three births, I kind of went with the flow. I wan’t much into researching like I am now. Wish I was with hind sight because it could’ve been a little easier. Thanks for posting and looking forward to see what other tips you have.

  • Betty Rose

    We literally had just prepped the nursery a few hours before my water broke! lol. I guess you can say we didn’t prep as much as many people do, but we made sure all her cloth diapers were ready and that her crib and blankets were set. Then the rest followed after we got home from the hospital. Love these tips!

  • I did a lot to prepare for my first born. But the best decision of all was taking the Bradley Method birthing class!

  • I need to pass these tips along to my cousin who is trying to have a baby! Thanks!

  • Ivonne

    Excellent tips! You’ve got it covered quite well; thankfully I am done with trying to start a family; I am now eagerly hoping for grandchildren some day!

  • I don’t plan on trying any time soon, but these are great tips! I will keep this post in mind for a couple friends.

  • Amber

    Those apps sound handy!

    And yes, thank goodness we had insurance!

  • lex

    am male but am touched by this post and the comments sofar, will put this through a deep thought with my girl when the time comes.

  • This is such a wonderful list. My husband, & I did a lot to prepare too but also make sure to being ok with not being so prepared. Lots of unexpected scenarios can pop up:)

  • This is a great idea. I know before we tried to conceive we talked a lot about how parenting would be and how we might parent but we didn’t really think about anything else.

  • Jessica

    Thank you for these tips! Im 25 and would love to plan the right time (if that even is such a thing) to have kids. Didnt even consider Insurance =. Thanks!

  • The food looks amazing, trying to get pregnant or not! This is a good post. You mention things in here think commonly get overlooked!

  • Your tips are very helpful. I have four children and my husband and I planned our last two pregnancies. I found that tracking my period was very effective. We planned our 5th, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage the end of July. But we tried again and we are very happy that we are expecting again! Having a healthy diet is very important. I am realizing that now that I am getting older. I hope to keep a healthy diet with this pregnancy.

  • Very good tips! We have one child now and waiting to have our second one after I change my diet and lose X amount of weight. Thats my personal goal:)

  • annalisanuttall

    Thank you for these tips, my friend is trying to conceive so I will show her this. xx

  • InMomMode

    Getting experience by watching other people children is such a GOOD idea. I would have never thought to suggest that but I will going forward!

  • This is good to know, I will definitely think of this when I decided to have children. Research is very important.

  • stylelullaby

    These are fantastic tips. I don’t plan on having kids of my own but will definitely have to keep these tips in mind for future conversations 🙂 xo, sharon

  • Sara

    While I was pregnant I got rid of so much stuff! I’d definitely suggest it. I feel we all have a lot of things we don’t need in our lives.
    Definitely a great read. I already have a son but just found out we are expecting another so I needed this refresher!

    • Congratulations Sara, you are the winner!! I will be emailing you in a little while 🙂